Monday, August 24, 2009

Well I know I have not been on here in a while. But We took Abby to the Zoo and at least she enjoyed the day. I was in misery the whole time My allergys where so bad I couldn't stop sneezing and last night I got sick. This has been horrid. Of course today was Abby's First day of school and she loved it. I am so glad that she is back in the swing of things. Monday will start Abby's Dance class and Wed will be tumbling.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not to sure about FLower Pot Card

Ok I wasn't to sure if was into making the Flower Pot card ot not. But I decided to break down and try one. So I made this with cosmo circket and october afternoon paper and stampin up cardstock. I used the Slice (I love Slice-ing) for the flowers and the leaves, and embossed with the cuttlebug to do the leaves. I reall did enjoy this afterall. Here is the card for the Flowerpot, I punched the whoels all around and used two strains of dmc floss to do a blanket stitch all around. Then stamped the vintage owl at the bottom. So I enjoyed it so much that I made 4 total. I guess they saying is true that you shouldn't knowck something until you try it......
Here is the link to the Flower pot tutorial. Thanks for stoping by ad looking. I hope you like them jsut as much as I do......

This is the one that was for Abby's friend for her birthday. Abby also picked out the fabric for this bunny. But this is the one that she wanted to give to her friend. I really loved both of them. I have had to learn to use what I have and feel good about giving it away. LOL Well on to other things now.

I made this bunny for Abby and one for her friends birthday. If you make one for one chld you have to make one for the other. So I let Abby pick out the fabric for the out fits. She has really enjoyed playing with her bunny. I had someone ask me if I make these to sell. I just laughed. I really don't have the time to make these to sell. They do take some time to make. I really did enjoy it making these cute little bunnys

Getting the Hang of my Blog

WOW Just trying to get the hang of setting up my Blog has been a lot of work but so far I love the look of it.... It is 1 am and I have to baby sit in the morning. It has been a long day. I have my first canning done for the season. 11 Jars of Tomatoes, and this is just the beginning. Abby helped me a lot by taking the skin off the tomatoes. She asked me if she could help next time. I just told her that this can always be her job to do, and she did a Great Job at that. I will have to take a pic. and share how pretty they look....... Good night all

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just a Sweet Happy Birthday

This is an older card that I had made I wanted to post here. I really Love. Just wanted to share here with all of you. It's a hot and now we are headed out to Wagerzon Gardens. Hope everyone is having a nice Day......

Thursday, August 6, 2009

OOOh Is it time yet we love Halloween and I am ready. I used the Cuttle Bug embossing folder and I love this stamp set......

This is my first garden gate fold card. I love the look of this. I used Anna Griffin paper to give a more retro vintage feel.