Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shadow Sew Box

I love a good challenge and a Friend had given me this little box and said I would love to see what you can do with this. So what do I love but to sew and this was a perfect way to display what I enjoy doing. The little girl was from b-line stamps and she is sitting on a wood spool that my Darling Hubby cut in half for me. I used a thimble and iron from (you got it) A Monopoly game and scrabble tiles the hugh dress form is from Tim Holtz dies. The box is small and came from the dollar store. I am hooked I had to go and get more I am thrilled to make a bunch more and I am almost done with the second one. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stationary sets

A while back a made a lot of stationary envelope box sets and I felt it was time to share with all of you. I have made and quite a few of these and with the Martha Stewart score board and envelope tool it was easy enough and a lot of fun to create. I made one for my Sister in law for her birthday last year and everyone fell in love with them and I got a lot of orders for Birthday's and Christmas and I really loved making them. Since I first started I have made some adjustments and made them a little more tailored. I use my slice for cutting my Monograms. This is the first one I ever made for Sharri (my sister in law)

The next set I made was for My (Brother in law) Steve's friend Dale, which he needed for a birthday gift. I fell in love with all my stationary boxes and almost hated to give them up. But then I just got into wanting to create more and no two are ever alike.
This last picture is a little blurry sorry about that.

This is another set that I made for Dale. (God love him and Steve for every time they ordered one it made my day I would get excited like a school girl.) I love to get into the creating of a new and I am always excited to see how they are going to turn out myself. I do have some favorite ones and I keep telling my self I am going to create another just like it but I never have the heart to do that. It is just one of a kind and to me that makes it even more special.

Here are some other ones that I made. I also make my own brads to match.

This last box at the bottom of each card I stamped the saying
"With GOD all thing are possible"
 If you are interested in a set please mail me at jesssews@gmail.com

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day MOM and a Happy Mothers Day to all of you. I pray that you are having a wonderful day. Abby gave me a wonderful letter and a card that said she cared about me. That of course made my day.