Monday, August 10, 2009

Not to sure about FLower Pot Card

Ok I wasn't to sure if was into making the Flower Pot card ot not. But I decided to break down and try one. So I made this with cosmo circket and october afternoon paper and stampin up cardstock. I used the Slice (I love Slice-ing) for the flowers and the leaves, and embossed with the cuttlebug to do the leaves. I reall did enjoy this afterall. Here is the card for the Flowerpot, I punched the whoels all around and used two strains of dmc floss to do a blanket stitch all around. Then stamped the vintage owl at the bottom. So I enjoyed it so much that I made 4 total. I guess they saying is true that you shouldn't knowck something until you try it......
Here is the link to the Flower pot tutorial. Thanks for stoping by ad looking. I hope you like them jsut as much as I do......


  1. Ok, Jessica now that is talent. The first thing Lauren showed me when I got ot her hosue yesterday was this card you had sent her. Yoiu need to seel these on Etsy for sure. Amazing!!

    It really meant alot to her