Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Abby's Easter Card

This the First stamp that Abby Picked out and asked me to get to make her a card. How Surprised she will be to get her card on Easter. The Stamp is by Mo Manning called Birthday Fairy Lee. I stamped and it out and cut out around the stamp leaving a slight border around. The Circle flower and Eater is cut on the Slice. The Flowers are Tim Holtz tattered Flower Die. Paper is October Afternoon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slice Love Part 3

Now for the rest of the story (haha) .
I always did like Walter Cronkite...
 Wow I have seen so many cool Cards and books out for the Cricut and I was feeling a little left out. You see I don't own a Cricut.  As you call see by my blog name I have a SLICE! I have had some friends tell me I should get one but They take up so much room and I have invested in a lot of design cards for My Slice. But I will see a card that I really like and find out that the person had used their Cricut or spellbinders (mind I do have spellbinders and love them but this is about the Slice) and I will tell myself I can do that using my Slice. I love my slice and all the design cards that Making Memories have come out with. OF course I am still always wanting more but then who doesn't. So I have decided for the Love of Slice I was going to making some cards using no other die cuts but theirs. From my 2 earlier posts at you can see I just a bunch of frames for the Cameos and at times I did hit a little road block but the challenge made it all the more fun.
SO how i have created two kids cards using of course the slice a birthday greeting stamp and one embossing folder.

 Little miss Monster or is she and Alien oh what does it matter she so stinking CUTE! With was a fun card to make. I made an A2 card and matted on top with the red just 1/8" smaller then I cut the white to the size that I wanted and I did cut a few extra to have on hand in case I made a mistake. So I line up the white piece of card stock on my slice mat and used Falala design card and cut the #7 at 2 1/2" I got it right where I wanted it the first try and added paper to the back. ( This is what challenged me I saw someone had done this using the Cricut so I knew I was going to have to try using the Slice.) For the edge border that looks like a cloud was cut form the Greeting design card at 3 1/2". The balloon was cut using the Parties card cut at 2". For my Monster she is from the Playtime Fabrique design card cut at size # 3. Ok If you have not gotten and Fabrique design cards yet I tell you what I have fallen in love with them there are 6 different sizes and for the monster since I used Size #3 she is 2.6"wx2.8"h ( for scrapbooker is you wanted her even bigger and this is great size #6 is 4.1"wx4.6"h. what a great feature this is.)
For the Rocket man card I did the same thing with the #8 that I did with the #7 on the monster card. but I did cut the #8 out in the black glitter and layer it on top or it would look like an eight. The #8 was cut from Think Pink design card at 2 1/2" for the planet Saturn I cut the bubble and shadow at 2 1/2" and for Saturn's ring I used the letter O cut at 3 1/2" from Home Sweet Home design card. The Rocket is the design card Playtime as well cut at size #2. I pop dotted only half of the rocket and Saturn so it gave it the look of motion.
Thanks for looking and Enjoying the fun Ideas from My Slice!

Slice Love Part 2

Cameo Card #2 This Cameo reminds me of Barbie.
What a great birthday card it made. I really wanted to keep both simple and clean. A little understated yet still very girly.
All the frames and flower are die cut from the Greeting Slice design card. The first frame and shadow are cut at 3 1/2". The next frame and shadow are cut at 3".
On the base of the card for Happy Birthday the first frame and shadow are cut at 3" the next frame and Shadow are cut at 2 1/2". For the flower I cut it twice at 2 1/2"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slice Love

It is time for some Making Memories Slice Love.
I have created two Cameo cards using Slice Design cards. I really love these silhouette stamps from Hero arts and what a perfect way to use them than with slice frames. I have had some issues with my slice but Making Memories has been wonderful Thank you Valeria for all of you help. So to give back some love I have created a few cards to share using Slice design cards for all of my die cutting.

Happy Mother's Day Twisted Easel Card
For the card I Used Slice Design card Remember This. The frame and shadow is cut at
3 1/2".  Under the next two frames is from Studio Essentials scalloped frame cut at 3 1/2" and 4" (this card does not have the Ms+ or Mirroring and shadow.)
The Happy Mothers Day frames are cut using the Paper Reverie the frame and Shadow is cut at 3 1/2". 
I used Basic Grey Paper Hello Luscious 6x6. I also used 1/8" thick pop dots.