Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Want to color Eggs Mommy.

So this is what Abby had to say to me when I boiled eggs. I want color eggs today. This was Fri Feb 25 all the kids in Huber here out of school due to bad weather. So I told her sure why not might has well have something to do other than watch TV. So we colored EGGS...  So I forgot to get Pics of her coloring the eggs however I did get a great Idea. I ran and got her a piece of water color canvas paper and an old paint brush and let her have it painting with the egg color dies.

I mean why not it was way cooler than using finger paint and the colors where so brightly pastel and the color was not going to fade like finger paint. My Mom and I where so surprised by how bright and pastel the color where. She got the biggest kick out of her hands being stain with the die all different colors. But that didn't  last, by the next day her hands where back to normal.

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