Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kings Island

What a great and long summer it was. Even though it seemed to fly by. I was a little shaken by the Earth Quake and Hurrican that hit. It is hard to believe that we where at the Outter Banks NC eaither this summer and about a week after we got back is when everything started to happen first there where 3 shark attacks and a hurrican. I just thank GOD we had a safe holiday. 
The week before school started my friend Maria and My Husband and I took the 3 girls Her 2 and my one to kings island for the day. And when I say day I mean 9 hours worth of day. But wow what a great time they had. Abby surprised me by riding the racers not once but twice and she was a little scared of the first hill but after that she loved it.

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