Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slice Love Part 3

Now for the rest of the story (haha) .
I always did like Walter Cronkite...
 Wow I have seen so many cool Cards and books out for the Cricut and I was feeling a little left out. You see I don't own a Cricut.  As you call see by my blog name I have a SLICE! I have had some friends tell me I should get one but They take up so much room and I have invested in a lot of design cards for My Slice. But I will see a card that I really like and find out that the person had used their Cricut or spellbinders (mind I do have spellbinders and love them but this is about the Slice) and I will tell myself I can do that using my Slice. I love my slice and all the design cards that Making Memories have come out with. OF course I am still always wanting more but then who doesn't. So I have decided for the Love of Slice I was going to making some cards using no other die cuts but theirs. From my 2 earlier posts at you can see I just a bunch of frames for the Cameos and at times I did hit a little road block but the challenge made it all the more fun.
SO how i have created two kids cards using of course the slice a birthday greeting stamp and one embossing folder.

 Little miss Monster or is she and Alien oh what does it matter she so stinking CUTE! With was a fun card to make. I made an A2 card and matted on top with the red just 1/8" smaller then I cut the white to the size that I wanted and I did cut a few extra to have on hand in case I made a mistake. So I line up the white piece of card stock on my slice mat and used Falala design card and cut the #7 at 2 1/2" I got it right where I wanted it the first try and added paper to the back. ( This is what challenged me I saw someone had done this using the Cricut so I knew I was going to have to try using the Slice.) For the edge border that looks like a cloud was cut form the Greeting design card at 3 1/2". The balloon was cut using the Parties card cut at 2". For my Monster she is from the Playtime Fabrique design card cut at size # 3. Ok If you have not gotten and Fabrique design cards yet I tell you what I have fallen in love with them there are 6 different sizes and for the monster since I used Size #3 she is 2.6"wx2.8"h ( for scrapbooker is you wanted her even bigger and this is great size #6 is 4.1"wx4.6"h. what a great feature this is.)
For the Rocket man card I did the same thing with the #8 that I did with the #7 on the monster card. but I did cut the #8 out in the black glitter and layer it on top or it would look like an eight. The #8 was cut from Think Pink design card at 2 1/2" for the planet Saturn I cut the bubble and shadow at 2 1/2" and for Saturn's ring I used the letter O cut at 3 1/2" from Home Sweet Home design card. The Rocket is the design card Playtime as well cut at size #2. I pop dotted only half of the rocket and Saturn so it gave it the look of motion.
Thanks for looking and Enjoying the fun Ideas from My Slice!

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  1. Wow, this is great, what you did whit the slice!