Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When the Weather Gets Cold........

You Know That Santa Is on the Way!

The Greeting Farm Miss Anya ready for Chirstams. She is paper pieced with memory box 6x6 pad and the back ground is Noel from making memories. The presnets that are kind of hidden on the card are cut using the slice. This is a pop up pull up card and you can find the direations under hero arts pop up pull up on youtube. This card is a lot of fun to make and as you can see on down in the othe pics that it can stand up on it's own.
     HoHoHo! Sleigh Bells ring and Snow Just Gleams and Santa is on the way. A busy time of shopping and cooking and cleaning to get ready, And the look on a child's face on Christmas Morning is Priceless!
     Abby was born on Christmas Eve and I spent that Christmas 2003 in the Hospital and what a miracle it was. I always felt that it was Rick's Mom (who we lost on Dec 6 2001) that gave us Abby on this day. Abby was supposed to be born on Jan 10th 2004 and I told everyone that it would be the 12th I was surprised that it was the 12th month and not the 12th day of Jan.  This was Shirley's Favorite day to have her family all together. We would all go to Church for Christmas eve mass and go back to the house for food and presents.
     Everyone has there own traditions to what they do on Christmas morning, I remember My Sister and I would get up really early and sneak down stairs and go through our stocking hung above the fire place. (Not that Mom and Dad didn't  know, we just thought they didn't) My Sister Amandda and I would swap and go through all of the goodies and then stuff them back into our stocking. We would go back up stairs and get Mom and Dad up or they would here us and come down. We had to wait until their coffee was ready then we could open presents. Oh what fun it was to be a child on Christmas morning.
     Now that I have my own Child we have our own traditions. We have three large Christmas trees one for each floor. The Family Room is where my DH's (darling hubby) tree is, in the Living Room is My tree and where the presents are, on the third floor is Abby's tree and this is where Santa Brings her presents. She gets the biggest kick out of Santa delivering her Presents under her tree. She opens her stocking first too see what Santa brought and then she opens her gifts from Santa. When she is done she loves to pass out the gifts to us from under the tree. Then we back up and head to Mom and Dad's for Christmas there and Food. And you would think that would be all but it isn't you See for Abby's Birthday we have the family over the very next day to cealbrate Abby's birthday. YES even more gifts LOL. We Always make a big deal for her birthday. We have a party for her and her friends the Sat before Christmas. It is the busiest time of year for us but we love it! I don't think Abby would be happy if her birthday would be any other day of the year.

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