Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Strawberry Heaven

Sweet Goodness
Here in good old Ohio it hit in the 90's today and it was humid. Poor Rick decided that we had better start on the garden and rented a tiller because my garden was over ran with weeds. So while he was busy with that I was trying to deweed the strawberries, and oh what a mess it was. However I realised after starting that I needed a little help, such as garden gloves a trash bag and a bowl for all the strawberries that needed picked. Well needless to say as fast as I was deweeding and pick strawberries Abby was eating them. She keep saying this are to die for Mommy I want to eat them all and she ate about 1/2 a quart. An oh if you have never picked and ate a strawberry in the heat then go and try them. They are the sweetest  and juiciest strawberry's I have ever had. All my friends are talking about going to Troy (where the strawberry fest is) and pick strawberries well more power to them LOL. I just pick 4quarts out of my own garden and I am only half done.
Oh the sweet taste of SUMMER!

I don't know what she had more fun doing playing on her slip and slide or eating strawberry! But it was a perfect day for both.
PS I too love strawberries and cherries ooh can't forget the cherries. Oh yeah I just remembered we took Abby to the drive in and and asked to try come cherries and she loved them as well that and she enjoyed spitting the seeds out like Mommy. And the child ate a carrot today and that is a big deal. She used to love them as a baby but then would not touch one until today. She has come a long way and is finally willing to try things. YEAH!

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