Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week4 Summer Card Camp- Thank you

This is the 1st is a series of 3 which I plan on making a full set of 10 for my envelope stationary set. for the measurements of the paper pieces please see the previous posts. Used the same 4 strips of paper for all 3 cards. Again I love the simple look of these. My Sister ask me to make her a set of 12 cards with her initial on them but very simple cards and I got hooked. I love to make the very basic simple as well as a  very intricate card. I have found when the time comes some papers will speak to me and say hey remember me why not combined me with the other paper and then it all falls into place. It is like that with color for me as well. I have always like adding different or at the time some thought odd color combos together before those colors would be popular together like teal and green. I have always had a eye for color and still do. It really shows in my quilts as well as my paper crafting. This is the one talent that I felt God gave me (and i do mean other than being a wife and mother )and I am proud of it.

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