Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If you have to go camping you might as well look good doing it......

"A camping we will go a camping we will go, hi ho the dairyo of a camping we will go"
Well that's enough singing for now.
Now on to the camping card I have a little story to tell no I am sorry it is not a scary camp fire story either. I was (on a riding mower) mowing the lawn on Monday and of course my mind goes a hundred miles an hour when a light bulb went off in my head (mind you this happens a lot when I am in the shower and right before I go to sleep I don't know why but it does). Anyway I had to stop the and go run it to the house to get a  little note book and pencil to right down my idea of course or I will forget if I don't. First the saying came to me "If you have to go camping you might as well look good doing it" I had to keep repeating it to myself until I got it down. So I decided to take said note book and pencil out on the mower with me so I could finish jotting down ideas when I got them. (Yes I did look a little funny stopping every so often to write something down. Thank God My Hubby is used to this strange occurrence but people driving by did slow down a little.)
So for the card and it's design I had made this card base with the triangle cut out of the center and the scallops on the edge. I had that part done for a while and just set it to the way side. That was until I got the idea for the camping card then I added the pink paper and the berry paper to it. I made so it looked like the tent was opening. The women was from Hero Arts stamps and the table was cut from my slice. I had some camping stickers mercy from years and years ago that had the Coffee pot and cups. SO I add them to the table along with a table cloth. Now for the Inside of the card.
For the inside I used my Slice again to cut the grass (I really need to get that Martha steward grass punch) I don't really like it but it worked. I also Used the slice to cut the man rowing the boat as well as the sign. The pond I just cut by hand from some water paper. My tree and fire where from the same stickers as the coffee pot and cups. Thanks for taking the time to read my long story I hope you got a laugh out of it I know I did just writing It.
Oh Yeah this will be up loaded to More Paper than shoes tomorrow Morning!

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