Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank Goodness for Little Curls

I made this Side Step Stair Step card with Abby In mind she is growing up so fast. I fell her child hood slipping away  from me. My Little girl is going to start 1st grade. This will be the first time that she well be at school all day all week. Man I have a lot to keep me busy but I will no longer get to have lunch time with my baby and get her all to myself before Daddy gets home from work. Yes I am feeling very selfish right and I have that right. lol This card was Also for my design team More Paper than shoes. I Used free click art from flickr and October afternoon paper. Here are the measurements for the card.

The card base is 5.5 x 12"
Score the card at 4", 6.5", 9", and 10.5"
Measure in 2.5" (this was my measurment0
cut the card from 10.5" to 6.5"
You can check out the video and it will show you how to cut and where to fold the side panel. Hope you enjoy.

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